Fikasfest: Montreal’s pan-Scandinavian Festival

FIKAS Festival: 17-24 March, 2017


It is almost here, the second annual FIKAS Festival! FIKAS, standing for Festival Immersif de Kultur et d’Arts Scandinave, was inspired by the Swedish word fika, which means to have coffee. The festival, which features music, conferences, food, literature and much more, aims to exhibit Scandinavian traditions and culture to Montreal audiences.

As a Norwegian community in Montreal, we are excited to see a Scandinavian festival in Montreal! One of our goals as a community is to bring together Norwegians and people interested in Norway to experience the traditions and way of life that makes Norway so special. It is therefore incredible to see a festival celebrating similar goals in Montreal.

Here are some of the events not to miss!



Ivan Eve at the Phi Centre (March 23rd, 21:00) $22.06

Norwegian MC Ivan Eve will be performing for the first time in Montreal on the 23rd. His music is rooted in R&B and hip-hop, with influences from 70s jazz and soul as well. Check out his music here:



Traditional Scandinavian Dance Class (March 21st, 18:30-20:00) $10

Dancers of all levels are invited to learn traditional Scandinavian dances from Sweden, Norway and Finland. Participants will learn both circle dances and couple dances, and will have the opportunity to become familiar with the music, geography and customs of the Scandinavian countries.

Scandinavian Embroidery (March 18th, 12:00-17:00) $25

This beginner level workshop will help participants become familiar with Scandinavian textile art and learn basic embroidery stitches. Materials are included.



Showing of the film, Norway, Land of Trolls (March 18th, 16:30) $7

Norway, Land of Trolls is a documentary film celebrating the natural beauty of Norway by presenting fjords, mountains, glaciers, Viking ruins and more. A truly stunning film by directors Mélissa Vincelli et David Guillemette, the film is about 97 minutes. An informal talk with the directors will follow the film.


To sign up for events or check out the full festival schedule, visit: