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Viking Exhibition in Ottawa

If you’re planning a trip to Ottawa in the coming weeks, don’t miss the Viking exhibit at the Canadian Museum of History. Open until April 17, the exhibit features Viking artifacts, a movie and family activities. For more information, go

International Summer School in Oslo

If you’d like to learn about the International Summer School taking place in Oslo from June 18 to July 9 this year, you’ll find information on the Embassy’s web site at:–9-July- 2016/#.VrTMJ032bc.

Norwegian family seeking host family in Montreal or Ottawa for daughter

A Norwegian girl on exchange to Canada to do French immersion can no longer stay with her host family, and is looking for a new family in Montreal or Ottawa to host her for the last 3 months of the

Performance of Grieg’s Works in Ottawa October 25

Ja til dobbelt statsborgerskap

​ A group administering a political campaign in Norway entitled Ja til dobbelt statsborgerskap! is working to change the law to more easily allow for dual citizenship in Norway. The group is comprised of Norwegians and non-Norwegians with a connection

Feminist Initiative: Norway’s Newest Political Party

You may ask yourself why Norway needs a feminist party. In spite of having greater pay equity than most European countries, women still earned 86.4% of what men earned in 2014, according to Statistics Norway (in Norwegian). The gender gap

Norway: Rich and in Debt

The Norwegian state could pay out the equivalent of $200k from the oil fund to each of 5 million Norwegians. At the same time, the average amount of indebtedness of each is 230% of his or her yearly earnings. Click

22. juli-saken

Per den 13. mars 2015 er pdf-utskiften over rettsavgjørelser i forbindelse med terroranslagene 22. juli 2011 mot Regjeringskvartalet i Oslo og AUFs sommerleir på Utøya disponibel på nettet. Klikk her å få den på Oslo tingretts nettsted.

Who was Hans N Langseth

The fashion for beards, whiskers and bristling moustaches fell into a serious decline for much of the first half of the 20th Century, not least because in both world wars, the seal on gas masks would only work on hair-free

Christmas Sale 2014: food pricing

Time to make your shopping list for November 14 and 15! Get a preview of our prices on chocolate and more by clicking on Food & Chocolate Prices Christmas sale 2014. We look forward to seeing you at the Sale.

Pewter pricing: Christmas Sale 2014

Make your shopping list before you get to us on November 14 or 15! We attach a list of the prices of pewter for sale at our 2014 Christmas Sale here. We look forward to seeing you at the Sale!

In what Norwegian city can you find its smallest terrace?

Why, in Tromsø of course, the Paris of the North! Read all about it in the Nordlys newspaper (in Norwegian).

Bergen Youth Chamber Orchestra comes to Montreal!

The Bergen Youth Chamber Orchestra will perform at the Norwegian Church and Community Centre on Saturday, October 11. For more information about the Orchestra, go to the Orchestra’s website. Program and other details to follow under “Events.”  

Festspillene i Bergen opens May 19

Should you be heading to Bergen in the very near future, or would just like to learn more, please click here for the programme.

Processing of passports will occur in Montreal on June 1

A representative of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Ottawa will be available at the Church during the barbecue on June 1 to provide consular services such as passport renewal, stamping of official documents, answers to your questions regarding taxes and

It’s almost soccer season!

This summer’s Scandinavian soccer season (Norwegians vs. Danes) is currently in the planning stages. We anticipate one game in June, another in late August and one in September. Look for details coming soon. For information or to join the team,

TV 2 skal filme Norge fra luften

Check out TV 2 skal filme Norge fra luften – As a follow-up to the popular Norwegian TV series “Hurtigruter minute by minute,” Norwegian TV2 is producing a video series from the air call “Fly med oss” (“Fly with

Are you going to Norway this summer?

The organizers of the annual Norwegian Christmas sale are asking for help from anyone visiting Norway this summer to bring back goods for the sale.  If you are able to help, please contact Shereen at or call her at

The Embassy comes to you!

There are tentative plans for a representative from the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Ottawa to come to Montreal in early June to provide consular services such as passport renewal, to stamp official documents, answer your questions about taxes and more. 

Jo Nesbø’s new book released March 19

Jo Nesbø’s new book, Sønnen, will be released on March 19. For more information from the publisher’s website, and to read Chapter 1 (in Norwegian), click here. SØNNEN – skal derfra komme igjen for å dømme levende og døde Jo Nesbø