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At the British Museum until June 22: Vikings, life & legend

If you will be in Britain this spring or early summer, check out Vikings, Life and Legend, the biggest exhibit on Vikings to be held at the British Museum during the last 35 years. Here is an excerpt from the

Utøya memorial: “Memory Wound”

Wounded landscape: how Norway is remembering its 2011 Utøya massacre Artist Jonas Dahlberg has been chosen to create three memorials, one of which cuts a 3.5m slit in the landscape, to remember the victims of Anders Behring Breivik   Model

Community survey: the annual Christmas Sale

Hello Montreal Norwegian Community members! There has been a proposal to move the Christmas Sale, currently held Friday evening and Saturday morning/afternoon, to Saturday and Sunday (times to be determined). What do you think of this? Do you have any

Back to 1814: The Renovated Eidsvolls Building Re-opens Its Doors for Bicentennary

On February 16, 2014, the Eidsvolls Building reopened its doors.  For the first time since 1814, the building looks just like it did when the 112 representatives met to establish the basis for a modern and democratic Norway. Click here

NC/NCA membership: February 28 deadline

Have you renewed your membership to the Norwegian Club and/or the Norwegian Church Association? If we receive your application by February 28 for either of the associations, we can include your name and coordinates in our member address book. Membership

Norwegian is new world chess champion!

Magnus Carlsen, who is also a male model, recently won the FIDE World Chess Championship. Check out this link ( to see details of the match and photos. Congratulations Magnus from us here in Montreal!  

The Marzipan cakes are ready!

  The Team of Twenty has worked hard once again this year, and as a result we will have *150* marzipan cakes available for the Annual Christmas Sale on November 15 and 16. Here is a picture of the Team