For those of you that want to make a traditional Norwegian meal for Christmas, here are some advice about making Juleribbe.

First – Where to find it?

If you go to a regular butcher, ask for Pork belly rib. You won’t find it pre-cut as in Norway, but fortunately the pigs are made the same way here in Canada as in Norway. It is just a matter for the butcher to do the right cut. There is a translation list of meat products on http://www.matprat.no/matnyttig/oppdelingsguiden/norsk—engelsk—amerikansk-kjottordbok-/.

Here in Montreal, we have an excellent store at “Boucherie Atlantique”, 5060 Côte-des-Neiges. Check out their web site at http://www.boucherieatlantique.ca/

The butcher at Atlantic knows about how to cut it, and he even cuts the bones for you and makes the checkered pattern in the skin.

Remember to order your “pork belly rib” well in advance (at least a week) before you need it.


Second – How to make it?

Instructions in Norwegian on http://www.matprat.no/oppskrifter/tradisjon/ribbe/

Make sure you salt and pepper it about 2 days before you cook it as described on the web site.

The rest of the cooking is fairly easy – I use a small aluminum tray or a ball of aluminum foil to rise it slightly in the middle. If you use a small kitchen plate, it gets rather dirty and sometimes stained after cooking. It may also crack if it doesn’t take the heat.

Make sure you seal the tray well with aluminum foil in the beginning when you are steaming the rib.

Cook for about 2 hours depending on the thickness of the meat.

To make it crusty it at the end, put the stove on broil and WATCH it carefully.


Good luck and happy cooking !

Juleribbe 2011

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    That is one clean oven :)! (And the ribber look good too!) Thanks HN!

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