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On this page we have collected links to Norwegian and other web sites. You may contribute to this list of links by adding your own submission below.

The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Ottawa

150 Metcalfe Street
Suite 1300
Ottawa, Ontario K2P 1P1

Tel: 613-238-6571 / (+47) 23 95 28 00
Fax: 613-238-2765

The Embassy’s business hours are:  9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Monday to Friday.



4 comments on “Useful links
  1. Knut says:

    Link to the Norwegian Club of Toronto:
    Link to the Norwegian Embassy in Ottawa:

  2. Knut Nesse says:

    Facebook group: Norwegian Community in Montreal
    Here is a link to our Facebook group which is open to all:

  3. Knut Nesse says:

    Facebook page:
    And here is the Facebook page link:
    (or did I get them mixed up?)

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